prize winners Yesterday was the Borgue Horticultural Society Annual Show. On Friday night Matt and the kids popped down to the village hall to sign us up and enter a few of the categories. The kids both entered the sea shell and sand scuplture on a plate competition, as Mrs Sproat had kindly popped in last week with sand and seashells gathered for the purpose and a delicious sponge cake to welcome us in – the house was previously lived in by her mother-in-law. Iris also entered the handwriting competition and baked flapjacks.

Keen to show willing (and get to grips with the Rayburn) I also entered some of the home baking categories with lemon curd, courgette, lime and poppy seed muffins and lavender scones. The scones were scoffed before I could take a picture. They tasted yummy but were not the most pretty scones as I couldn’t find the correct cutter so ended up making massive ones!

Arthur won a third prize, Iris a second for the flapjacks and I was flabbergasted to receive a hat-trick of first prizes. We also met more neighbours, Dad won some biscuits in the raffle and bought two giant boxes of prize-winning fruit and veg in the after-show auction. One of the new neighbours we met, Jo, used to keep her Hebridean sheep in our field and suggested we ask the neighbouring farmer, Jack, to graze his cows on the land to get the bracken down (all he’ll need to do is open the adjoining gate between the fields) and then she’d be happy to use it for her sheep again. This sounds like a grand plan to me as we don’t want the field to get too far out of hand but at the same time we need to sort the house out before we tackle it and take on livestock.