As Dad is retiring from the electrics game, he’s also handing over some of his power tools for us to keep and use. One of these is a small jack hammer. Having chatted to the son of the former owner, Benji, we suspected there might still be an original cast iron range behind the obviously covered over and tiled area in the kitchen. So, with three other adults in the house to babysit, I decided to don my work clothes and get busy. The first picture is what was left an hour or so later.

It was the work of a few minutes to chisel off the beige tiles and then the real work began to see what was underneath. Alas, no range in place but there is an inglenook, backfilled with rubble and what appears to be the remnants of a bird nest.

inglenook birds_nest

These pictures were taken inside the cavity. The plan is to take a sledgehammer to what’s left and reveal and inglenook for a possible future range cooker.

rubble  stone stone 2