NookWhile Iris was at school, Granddad was keeping himself out of trouble in the kitchen, removing the old cupboard and revealing the innards of the inglenook. We have someone from a local wood-burning stoves company coming on Thursday to discuss the possibility of installing wood-burning stoves with boilers to generate enough heat to warm the whole house and our hot water. At the minute all our hot water (except the ancient Miralec Supreme shower) is provided by the Rayburn. There is an immersion heater but it’s not currently connected up.

We’ve also got another roofer coming out to quote tomorrow. The roofing quotes have been really high so we’re changing tack and asking what can be done within the budget we have, rather than how much doing everything will cost. Looks like we’ll need to do patch repairs to the roof and concentrate the budget on the urgent issues highlighted in the survey and some easy fixes – gutters and fascias.

We also gave away the old carpet underlay today via Gumtree to another Laura who is renovating an old manse in Buittle. She’s just had woodworm treated too but is finding the bare boards draughty!inglenook_flue