IMAG0184 Another small-scale job has been beautifying our sun room – a double-glazed glass box stuck on the front of the house where once there was a porch. It will be replaced by something more sympathetic and less draughty and rotten at some point but for now it has potential as a great propogating space and is essential for storing our shoes and wellies.

IMAG0185 The terracotta and slate tiles are identical to those used below stairs at nearby Broughton House – so authentic if not original. Arthur and I set to work last week armed with terracotta pots salvaged from the allotment, potting compost from a hardware shop in Kirkcudbright and several packets of seeds. I also invested in some lovely handpainted plant labels made by a local artist as the aim is to keep a perpetual crop of herbs and lettuce growing in here. We sowed several pots of cut-and-come-again lettuce, chammomile, dill, basil, rocket, coriander and parsley. The parsley is the only one yet to germinate but that is far from unexpected and the rest are romping away. I’ll be thinning out some things this afternoon and using some of the thinnings for micro greens with tea.

Overall I think it looks about as good as it can and I am looking forward to harvesting the salad and herb bounty as it gets cooler. Mind you, I suspect it’ll be freezing in there on an overcast winter’s day!