A dreary day in D&G has left me in a comtemplative mood. The day started with the delivery of the last of our bathroom sanitary ware (and Matt managing to purloin a pallet from the delivery driver for future bodging projects). Work will start on the plumbing the week after next with the lead pipes going and the new wood-stove-fired heating system.

We also signed up to get the worst of our windows overhauled by Ventrolla. The south-facing downstairs windows take the worst of the sun, salt and wind so those are being worked on first, along with the soon-to-be kitchen window which is rotten inside.

Dinah brought us another wee gift today in the form of a dead mouse – she is evidently giving the shrew population a break, or perhaps she is losing out to the more savvy neighbouring cats, especially grumpy Doris from over the road. Despite the inauspicious start (getting locked in the shower for hours) Dinah seems to have adapted to country life remarkably well. In fact the fresh air and lack of take-aways from well-meaning neighbours has left her positively sleek!

A side effect to Dinah’s new abilities is I now fear for the safety of the many swallows and housemartins nestled under our eaves. The swallows by Matt’s office window have taken the worsening weather as a hint to prepare for their journey south so the chicks have begun to fledge. As a result, his working day has been somewhat disrupted by excited chirps and the odd flump of fluff as a chick fails to take flight and instead flutters onto his windowsill.

Final thoughts – ideas greatly appreciated for making Iris’s dream of a “Katie Morag” bedroom a reality. I’m stumped and not even Little Greeene paint charts are inspiring me.