Sitting down with pencil and paper tonight to sketch out our new veg garden. We have ordered plug plants of winter brassicas which should arrive next week but first we need to fence off an area to rabbit-proof it and create raised beds to grow them in.

We’re planning to site it at the southern end of the garden, utilising the protection of the existing dry stone wall and encompassing the compost heap (which needs rebuilding) and the tool shed. The space should be sheltered and sunny but also this not-so-attractive bit of garden will eventually be shielded from view by more ornamental beds up the slope towards the house.

We’ll get the fencing at a local agricultural supplier and install it ourselves – this could be challenging as the ground is very stony. We measured out the space tonight and it’s roughly 20m by 10m, so slightly larger than our allotment.

Lots of planning on the agenda for tomorrow and maybe an indoor DIY job like wallpaper stripping as we are awaiting the first autumn storm with rain and strong winds. Fingers crossed our rickety roof and chimney stacks hang on in there!