Bit more preserving this week at Plunton. Matt made bramble leather – a great success with the Rayburn and something we had always failed at with the regular cooker. Iris and Arthur are slightly addicted to it. He’s also got some bramble whisky steeping. The giant bucket of apples is from our neighbour, Janet. The red ones are good eaters but do not keep well, the green are sweet cookers and I suspect the apple press will be put to good use on them next week. They have already made lovely baked apples. Janet also brought a jar of damson jam and an invite to Sunday lunch with both sets of near neighbours next month. She’s also offered baby sitting services so we are in clover!

Much of the rest of the week has involved more work on the house. Dad is visiting again and has started rewiring upstairs, in fact he is finishing off the kids’ room as I type. We are off up north this weekend for great-grandpa’s birthday so he is going to do our room and the office while we are away.

I, on the other hand, have finally started stripping off the anaglypta wallpaper in the lounge. It was removed fairly readily and I am about halfway through now. Part of the reason for doing it now is that we are hoping to pick up a period fire at the salvage yard this weekend and I (correctly it turned out) guessed there would be an indication of the height of the original surround in the plasterwork behind. Not the best photo but you can see the walls are in OK condition and, as Matt pointed out, look just like the walls in one of his vintage house craft books!