IMAG0214Not having the best of weeks so have been distracting myself with more preparations for winter, this time drying herbs as part of a plan to make scented soaps.

I cut off the trailing heads of lavender and chopped back the eau de cologne mint and stuck them in a roasting tin in the bottom oven of the Rayburn overnight. I also added some conkers – we’re getting a plentiful supply from the horse chestnut tree at the end of the drive and the kids love collecting them – and am hoping to use them in pot pourri or smothered in sandalwood or lavender oil as moth repellents.

They dried amazingly well. I’ve also gathered some lemon balm which I’m air drying in the sun room (well, actually, I’ve sort of abandoned them in a cardboard box but they were pretty dry already.)

We’re off to a wedding this weekend so not sure we’ll get much time in the garden but pleased to say the fence survived the storm last night (proper thunder and everything!)