After our long and glorious summer, autumn is finally blowing in to the Fleet Valley, showering the house with sycamore and horse chestnut leaves and occasionally hurling a conker on an unsuspecting head. The change in the weather is matched by my wearying mood, surrounded by fractious children ready for the half-term break and trying to work out the logistics and finance needed for planned house projects and, in the short-term, a journey to a funeral next week.
Autumn is my favourite season so I am trying to approach these difficulties with a positive mind. The good news is that our heating is being installed from tomorrow. In the meantime the lounge fire and rayburn are tiding us over. We have conpleted the veg patch rabbit proofing and the dry weekend forecast means we have a good chance of actually creating some veg beds for planting, especially as we have an extra pair of hands arriving on Saturday in the form of Valla. We also have lunch visitors on Saturday (Deborah and Edna) and a planned Sunday lunch with our neighbours.