The end of the garden is now rabbit-proof, we hope, so we have started to create raised beds for our annual vegetables. One down, 16 to go…if we can bear it!

Each bed is 4m x 1m and we have built the frame from scrap wood and pallets. Our soil is well draining but acidic and stony. There is about 20cm of decent top soil under the grass but beneath that is a layer of stone – not quite a pan but hard work to dig out.

The process for the herb garden involved removing sods, digging in compost and planting. In the veg garden, rather than removing the turfs, we are turning each sod over in situ and then covering with a layer of compost. We inherited a compost heap with the house. The top 30cm is nettles and roots but beneath that is some really great compost – albeit with some odd ingredients hidden in amongst, like plastic cups and bins! The final stage for each bed is creating a frame for the anti-bird netting. As you have probably guessed, this all takes quite a while. We are planning on forest gardening as much as possible!