Biggest development this week is the installation of the new downstairs shower room. Here are some before pictures so you can appreciate its many delights in all their glory:

Autumn 2013 086

Autumn 2013 087

So yesterday the plumber had the fun job of ripping it all out. The tiles were very wonky so we had assumed the walls would be too. As it turns out the walls are pretty OK the tiles were just very badly applied (half a wall full fell on the plumber’s head after one tap!). Apart from it being hideous there are a few reasons for doing the shower room – one is there is a small area of damp caused by the bad workmanship, the second is that all the sanitary ware was in some way damaged and thirdly there is nothing worse than doing dirty DIY jobs and not being able to get clean! There is also no storage in the downstairs bathroom and it is our only shower.

Here’s how the shower room looked yesterday afternoon. The very faint pen line on the wall is where a new suspended ceiling will be – the walls will all be studded out to conceal the pipework today.

A blank canvas...sort of

A blank canvas…sort of

Autumn 2013 091