Today was one of those perfect winter days, still and sparkling. The kids even commented on it – Iris by spending ages in the bathroom first thing, then explaining that she was admiring the view (you can see the sun rise over the Galloway Hills at this time of year). Arthur asked me to stop the car in the morning so he could look at the snow-capped hills and shining sea.

I didn’t have chance to take photos so you will have to make do with a picture painted in prose. The other aspect of the still, clear weather is how quiet it is at the house. We are two miles from the nearest A road and it feels a real luxury to have such complete silence. I have really started to notice the background hum of traffic in places I had previously thought of as peaceful.

I suspect soundscapes of Plunton might be the best way to show you what it is like to live here.

And an update for the renovation-watchers – the roofers started repointing the eastern chimney stack today. The new fascias are now up and painted on that side and the roofer reports that they had done a good job of preventing rot getting into the timbers with just one patch repair needed – the boards they removed were fairly damp but did provide free firewood for the lounge all weekend.

The guttering is also being repaired and painted on that side of the house. We are repairing, and replacing where necessary, the original cast iron guttering, rather than using plastic.