The work on the roof has been continuing thanks to the largely dry if windy and cold weather. The eastern side of the house has now had most of its guttering repaired and repainted, the fascias replaced and the chimney stack repointed.

We have also had the unused chimneys capped to reduce draughts and we are hoping the flashing will be finished today so that the scaffold can then be moved to the western side of the house for more of the same. Verdict from the roofer, Scott Bendall, is that the damage is not too bad. One chimney – in the connecting room – was letting in quite a lot of water and that room certainly seems to have the worst water damage so pretty much tallies with what we thought. I took a few pictures while work was going on.

P1010318 (Custom)

A bit of the fascia not yet replaced.

A bit of the fascia not yet replaced.

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