After a wonderful family wedding at the weekend it is now suddenly advent and I am feeling distinctly lacking in festive cheer. In fact, on Tuesday I had a giant what-on-earth-are-we-doing?! Naked Lunch moment that took several hours to subside.

After spending an hour digging out various Christmas items from the garage they were left sitting forlornly in the middle of the hall while I railed against our unfinished floors, unlit fires after a long day out of the house, peeling paint and unfinished DIY jobs.

Of course, Bing Crosby came to the rescue planting this delightful ear worm in my head until I regained a sense of perspective. So up went the wreath and, while still not feeling desperately festive, I am ploughing on with the mechanics of Christmas preparations in the hope that the bonhomie bug will oust the bah humbug beastie before too long.

So, here are my blessings –

I have a beautiful family with a new member and a beautiful if care-worn house
I have space, quiet and a refuge from the winter storm raging outside
Christmas greenery has just been blown off our larch tree, to save us cutting some later
I have well-fitting doors which are keeping out the wind and the rain and chimneys and gutters fixed in the nick of time – although amazingly our wonderful roofers have even turned up in this weather.
I have a warm and functioning shower in which to get clean
I have 7 weeks’ worth of logs to keep home and hearth warm, most of which are now stacked in the log shed
I will be getting a fully functioning kitchen next week so I can cook and prep in the same room
And above all I have people at Christmas who won’t really mind or care if their card is late, their present badly homemade and my decorations covering a multitude of sins

And now, off to bake for a school meeting tomorrow and Saturday’s Christmas fair.