A few weeks after the financial crash five years ago, a wag in my old neighbourhood in Glasgow printed these words out on individual A4 sheets on a home computer and stuck them on the hoardings hiding an unfinished development of flats – they stayed there for weeks providing a pin with which to prick the pretentious bubble of global finance and debt-fuelled consumerism. Whenever I find myself plunged into parsimony I think of this stark but uncomplaining statement and smile. It’s a shrug of the shoulders in the face of financial uncertainty and, besides, I like my clothes and porridge.

Just as well this month as the post-Christmas and post-tradesmen period sees the financial cupboard bare and requires falling back on resourcefulness and store cupboard ingenuity to keep us fed and clothed until the next pay packet. Thankfully, the larder has given us the space to hoard items and I think we’ll eat well with the addition of just a few fresh vegetables, fruit and dairy items. I’ll blog if I conjure up anything particularly remarkable from unlikely ingredients and please do post if you have a store cupboard recipe that works in hard times.