Our neighbour, Janet, had told us on Hogmanay that our garden and the copse in the field are strewn with spring bulbs – snowdrops and bluebells in particular. Although we first saw Plunton House last spring, it was shortly after the worst snowfall in the area’s recent history and few bulbs had survived the onslaught of spring snowdrifts.


So, on Saturday we got our first glimpse of this naturalised bounty. Where there was a pond a few weeks ago there are now masses of tiny white flowers growing on the slope. The more we looked, the more clumps we found – on the worn bare ground under the swing we tied to the old apple tree, on the grass verge, clustered for shelter around the base of rhododendrons. We’re trying to keep a note of where clumps look choked or threatened (like under the swing!) so we can move them to safer locations once they have finished flowering. We’ve also discovered early daffodils waiting their turn to blossom in the sun. Hard to believe on a cold and frosty day like today but Spring really is around the corner.