No updates for a while (in fact, this whole month- oops!) Not that that means nothing much has been happening, quite the opposite. We’ve been busy entertaining our first WWOOFers, who’ve been helping us move snowdrops, dig up shrubs and today gathering and chopping wood for the stoves. When the weather has been really bad (and we’ve been lucky in that regard given what’s been happening in the south of England) they’ve been busy indoors helping us to paint the kitchen and do more draught-proofing.

The latest big project has been getting the worst of our sash windows repaired/replaced. The front windows in the playroom and lounge were done first, followed by the rotten one in the new kitchen. They look a lot better and are much less draughty. Now they’re in we’re working on the surrounding architrave and woodwork, filling gaps with filler and caulk to help them keep the heat it in more effectively. We’ve also bought beading to install around the skirting board in the lounge. It’s all helping to make the house warmer and more efficient but it’s a long, slow process.