Slipway To The Sea Later this week, our friend Jo has organized two beach clean ups, one at Kirkandrews beach and the other at “the bathing hut beach.” Not being sure where this was, I came across a painting of it by a local artist, Andrew McKean, which described it as Barlocco Beach and bathing hut. Digging out the OS map showed a sandy beach just along from Kirkandrews by a farm called Barlocco. So, on a very sunny and spring-like Sunday afternoon we set off to find it.
Coo Palace

As it turns out, it’s just five minutes along a popular but unmarked footpath from the road past the Coo Palace (Corseyard Edwardian Dairy, pictured very badly right, which is a whole other post in itself). The bay itself is a mix of golden sand, old slipway and Carrick-style rock pools.

The feature that gives this bay its local name is one of the Knockbrex follies that add character to this bit of coastline. Now boarded up (which is a shame as it would make an incredible holiday cottage or beach café), the bathing hut has porthole windows either side of an arched door and is made from local stone.

Bathing hut



Like most of the local beaches it does need a clear-up after the storms but actually isn’t too bad. Further round the headland, there’s a beach with more shells and debris. We claimed a washed-up plastic crate, probably from a fishing boat, to use for storing the kids’ outdoor toys which are currently housed in one of our old packing boxes. I also gathered a bag of shells to top dress a pot I filled on Saturday.

The wee walk to the beach was looking good in the spring sunshine (if you averted your eyes from the odd dead bird and baby deer), with plenty of primrose and gorse. We also harvested some more wild garlic to have with tea. Recipe to follow as a few people have requested it now.