We spent most of the sunny Saturday spring cleaning our shed and garage. I appreciate the following images could well be desperately boring but I do love a nice, tidy shed!

2014-05-31 15.53.50

2014-05-31 15.53.42

With so many gardening guests (both family and WWOOFers) we need to have duplicates of most common tools but also to have tools easy to find and put away again. We reused a bit of plywood left from another project to mount the tools on the wall. Some old cut-down broom handles Matt discovered in the attic have been used to store trowels and hand forks. That project was a bit of a trial run for his plan to make racks for wellington boots in the porch.

Another project completed this week was finishing the shutters for the playroom. Repainting shutters takes ages but having an emptier garage makes it much easier to leave them set up to dry between coats. The finished shutters look great and fit really well. We also cleared out a damp corner in the garage and got a few more boxes in, did more weeding and mulching and sowed some more seeds, including some wildflower seeds in bare patches field.