2014-05-31 12.46.51

Our latest WWOOFer, Claire, left us yesterday to go to her next hosts in Wales (via a trip to London). She has been absolutely brilliant and was our first non-EU WWOOFer, hailing from Indiana. As well as clearing bracken in the sunshine, she taught Iris to play the piano, planted seeds, mulched like a demon and helped us fix the gutter and water butt on the garage. This should mean no more flooded garage and plentiful water for the plants, especially those at the front of the house in pots.

She also did a lot of exploring in the local area and put us to shame in her eagerness to seek out ancient monuments. In fact, after bumping into our neighbour Phil on one trip, she helped him stop a team of civil engineers dumping a pile of rubble on a cup and ring mark stone that had mysteriously vanished from their maps of the area, thus saving a precious ancient site from destruction. She also had the good fortune to bump into the keyholder of Kirkandrews Kirk while passing and got a personal guided tour of the church and its history. We, on the other hand, haven’t yet managed to pop in even on one of its regular public open days! Definitely got a few outings planned for our summer staycation.

We don’t have any more WWOOF visitors planned until the end of the month and instead are having lots of visits from family and friends. This means (gulp!) that we’ll have to keep on top of the garden ourselves. Hmm. Something tells me we’re not going to get much done this month.