We are expecting a glut of tomatoes this year. We currently have 18 happy, healthy plants. They all have flowers and have been doing so well we’ve run out of space in the sun room, so have moved a few of them outside. We’ve got a few aphids nibbling at the leaves but my home-made aphid spray seems to be keeping on top of them and I have asked the kids to keep an eye out for ladybirds while they play in the garden.


The sun room was too steamy for the camera lens, so here’s a picture of one of the outside ones looking lovely in the sun. Other things doing well in the garden just now are; the seedlings I planted last week, which have germinated, including our sweetcorn and some flowers for the border. Our peony has survived the move from the allotment and looks great. The lilac at the end of the drive is in flower and the Irises I planted from bulbs last year have flowered in the border in front of the lounge window. I would have taken more photos of all these things but Kester decided to play with the camera at the beach today and some sand has got into the lens mechanism. No lens means no focus and no pictures!

Still, here’s the last picture the camera took – Kester at the scene of the crime.