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P1020774 (Large)So that I could make a start on the kitchen floor, Laura took the children to the Ken-Dee marshes for a day out. The Ken-Dee marshes are a nature reserve at the southern end of Loch Ken where it empties out into the river Dee. There is a collection of wildfowl and migrating birds at this time of year, with plenty of places to admire them.

Laura went wild (ha) with the Autumn crafts; here you can see Arthur and Iris doing bark rubbings and actually enjoying it.P1020777 (Large) They brought back all sorts of leaves and other exciting Autumn detritus.


The highlight for Laura was the Red Squirrel Bench. The nature reserve has a bench positioned in an ideal place to see red squirrels and when Laura sat and waited, she did indeed get a good view of a red squirrel. She was thrilled; the children could not be less bothered. The generation gap outlined in one simple event.

Laura and I have been brought up with the Grey Squirrel Menace and have experienced only grey squirrels previously, in the parks of Birmingham, Glasgow and London. Now we can see the fabled reds close at hand we’re beside ourselves. Our children now see red squirrels fairly regularly, so why should they be bothered? Well, we’ll work on that.

Laura did try to catch the squirrel in action. It’s in the picture somewhere.P1020780 (Large)


Now have a dance on us.

Our latest WWOOFers are leaving today and it’s been fun. They are a family who came all the way from Catalunya, via Oxfordshire, in their car. They are going back to Oxfordshire to settle down and make a go of British life (they’ve got a WWOOF-style house sitting agreement down there).

Apart from the excellent axe work on our fallen horse-chestnut, they cleared the flower border of all the junk (Hercules balked at this back in the day and decided to play it safe with the Augean stables) and made a fine cushion for the playroom window seat. Below you can see Iris and one of our WWOOFers testing it out by reading old Beano annuals.

P1020768 (Large)

P.S. Readinglasses is well worth a visit if you’re in Wigtown.