The pigs have successfully chewed up the square and seem to be a little hungrier. Being greedy myself, I thought we should move the pigs to churn up a bit more ground. So it’s time to move them. Consideration 1: The arc is too heavy to move (our neighbour’s small tractor could hardly move it once it was in the field). Action 1: Move the fence. I worked out the fence could enclose the area between the existing square and the mature trees, which would work nicely.


Before I moved the fence I hacked a path for it through the bracken with a slasher, which is the best name for a tool I know. I find it has advantages over a strimmer on some tasks. It’s quieter, you can think as you go, you can clear up as you go, and it’s fun, fun, fun. Slash, slash, slash.

Next I had to distract the pigs with food, while I picked up the fence and moved it. This is easy as pigs love food and are easily distracted by it.


They were quite content for the hour and fifteen that it took me to move the fence. I was quite pleased, though I was one panel short after my pacing measurements didn’t quite work; I had to do a little jiggling to move the ends closer. Now, instead of a square we have a teardrop shape, some of which has been chewed and some of which is dense bracken.