In the middle of planting our trees, we’re trying to keep up with the veg. patch. The non-salad seedlings are doing well and we’ve got some very healthy looking peas in toilet-roll tubes. We hardened them off this week and planted them out today. Salad seedlings are not going to well this year. Last year we had quite a few cut-and-come again on the go. We’ve not managed much so far this year.

P1030379 (Large)The picture shows Laura’s willow plant support she made at Taliesin community woods on Easter Sunday. She’s very pleased with it (quite right, it’s a fine piece of work). The other sticks are pea-sticks cut from the copse today. They’re much better than last year’s, which we scavenged from dead branches in the field.

I finished by picking some spring greens from the remains of the cabbage stalks that we cut and left to sprout again.

P1030380 (Large)