We’re very close to getting chickens and are going to use them to weed the long border down the side of the front garden. Previous WWOOFers cleared the worst of the overgrowth so the chickens can scratch over the regrowth and gradually wear down the vegetation. Our other options are to put down carpet/barrier fabric and leave it for a few years or dig it and dig it for a few years to get everything out. Neither is very appealing, even with lots of help from WWOOFers. It’s not the most stimulating job and we’d rather have WWOOFers doing other things.

Here is the chicken house in place with the beginnings of the fence.

P1030414 (Large)

We’re going to put electric netting round three sides, but we need a high fence on the wall side to stop foxes jumping in over the wall. The advice we’ve read is to put an overhang with an electric wire along it to discourage fence-climbing. Our neighbours haven’t done an overhang on their chicken run and haven’t had any losses to foxes. We’re concerned that the slightly unconventional fence-wall terminus needs more layers of security.

P1030415 (Large)And the final chicken run, with a very proud WWOOFer Charles.

P1030417 (Large)