We tracked down a local chicken supplier and went to look for some chickens. The children chose one each from the six or so different options.

P1030495 (Large)They settled in reasonably well, though the white one got a nasty peck under her eye during the pecking-ordering. It closed up and we’ve been putting antiseptic on it to help it heal. A little bit of drama to the first couple of days as hen-keepers.

The other drama is the realisation that the chickens can fit through the gaps of the electric netting. It’s sheep netting because that’s what the agricultural suppliers had and I modified it with an extra electric wire along the bottom to discourage foxes sneaking under. I didn’t work out that proper poultry netting, which has quite a tight mesh at the bottom, was as much about keeping the hens in as foxes out. It’s clear that the bigger holes and insulation from feathers means that they are happy to squeeze in and out of gaps in sheep netting.

So, we have some sheep netting to use for future pig-keeping and I’ve ordered some proper poultry netting from the internet.

P1030493 (Large)