I have been laying the insulation over the spare room and building a framework for boards. It’s been quite fun except for the large number of scratches I’ve got on my baldy head. It looks like I’ve been chewed on by a miffed tiger. Most of the scratches have come from the nails holding the slates into the roof. I’ve got some particularly bad ones from cracking my head on rafters and other large beams.

More than one person has suggested a hard hat, but if I wore one of them, I’d run out of space to move around. You can see it’s fairly cramped as it is. I actually considered using a bike helmet the other day. I’ll see if I remember next time I go up there.

P1040339 (Large)

The photo shows all the stages of the project. The insulation is laid in three layers, two between the joists and one perpendicular to the joists. I’d attached posts to the ceiling joists to hold the framework for the boards above the top layer of insulation. The white sheet is a breathable membrane, which will keep dust and debris out of the insulation.