It’s the second May Bank Holiday Weekend, Whitsun as was and, in Dumfries & Galloway, Spring Fling Weekend. In my case it’s a sort of awakening from hibernation, blog wise. I’ve not posted since late last summer, mainly due to other things taking over; like the arrival of our fourth child, helping to set up a new local charity for refugees and standing for election. Now things have calmed down a bit, I’m hoping to get back to regular blog updates and share the duties with Matt a bit more, not least because he’s taken on his own extra duties by volunteering to be the South of Scotland Regional Host Contact for WWOOF UK.

Other signs of Summer are all around. We’ve had a spell of good weather, so the weeds are getting rampant and the flowers are beginning to bloom. I’m particularly enjoying the alliums I planted last year. Those pictures¬†are at the end of the long border, helpfully weeded by our WWOOFer Ruth who stayed with us for a few days after attending a course on outdoor Classrooms in Gatehouse. Ruth taught Matthew how to scythe, so he’s taken to spending an hour or so of an evening scything down weeds and overgrown patches to practise his technique.

The kids have been making more¬†use of the garden this year. We’ve finally got around to hanging up a hammock, although it needs a few tweaks, and the boys had a rare time tonight paying in the garden in their pyjamas. Not sure the sandpit was a good idea though – there’ll be sandy sheets in the morning.

Finally, summer means embarking on the big task we didn’t quite complete last year (owing in part to the wet weather) and that’s painting the rest of the outside walls. Yesterday, Matt, Kester and WWOOFer Song Jie applied fungicide to the rear wall (after Matt dug out the built-up silt around the walls). Today, whie I manned the Green stall at the Kirkcudbright Academy Half Marathon, Matt did a bit of scraping and then there’ll be some sealing and re-pointing to do before we paint again. It’ll look cracking with the shiny new roof.