Autumn 2013 059

Not so much a daily blog as a monthly of late, due to being a single parent of three for a week. Normal service has now resumed, thankfully, and while Matt gets on with one of his “morning jobs” – not filling wood, pulling up nails, sanding a door or any of my other suggestions as they are apparently “evening jobs” – I am getting a chance to catch up.

The biggest development has been getting used to the wood-burning stoves which we are now skilled at lighting and keeping stoked up. We’ve just had a delivery of wood from a different supplier. Our first batch was OK but under seasoned and so smouldered rather than burnt. At first glance and use this batch appears better – bigger, lighter logs that burned efficiently – the stove was still well lit this morning after being stoked with five logs at 10.30pm last night. We’re also looking into buying in bulk from a wood co-operative to stock up on the processed compressed logs which are hotter, cleaner and more efficient but more expensive. We’ll see.
Autumn 2013 070

It was also half-term last week so we had some trips out to the local chocolate factory, Threave and the beach – the first two with grandparents in tow. There’s great auatumn colour this year and we even saw a scampering red squirrel at Threave.

Finally, I leave you with an image of Arthur’s helpful attempt at laying the lounge fire!

Autumn 2013 088