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Did I mention the incredible weather we’ve had this week? Wall-to-wall sunshine, pretty much, and warm during the day too. I’ve probably enjoyed more white Easters than I have white Christmases, so it’s always nice to get some mild spring weather at this time of year and we certainly made the most of it. On Good Friday we enjoyed the National Trust For Scotland’s Easter Egg Trail at Threave near Castle Douglas. I think we were among the first egg hunters of the day and the kids had great fun finding the clues and solving the anagram. In fact, Iris’s anagram solving was so spot on that the Easter Bunny decided to give her more anagrams for her Easter Sunday egg hunt too.


There was quite a haul of chocolate, much of it from Switzerland thanks to our guests last Sunday and the kids really enjoyed following their clues. Arthur had pictures to decipher and Iris tore through her anagrams. Kester had help to solve his clue. One of the eggs had been nibbled by a mouse overnight but there is still plenty left over.




I’m going to be baking for this car boot sale in Castle Douglas with a friend. No idea how I’ll have time but I’m currently planning on producing parkin, flapjacks, cinnamon buns, chocolate muffins and banana bread.

Tam is making flatbreads, focaccia, cupcakes and scones. Really hope we’ll get a decent turn out and sell the lot!