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A couple of our mature trees had rotten cores, so we felled them as a preemptive measure (Souness style, we got our retaliation in first). One was a horse chestnut that oozed black gunk out of a gaping hole. That is hopefully going to sprout from the base again and there are shoots there ready to go. I have also sown some conkers to grow some replacements if the sprouting doesn’t work.

The second tree is maybe a Lawson’s cypress or maybe a western red cedar, not managed to pin that one down yet.The leaves and reddish cones look like Lawson’s cypress but the really pungent wood suggest maybe western red ceder (the leaves would match that possibly). Either way, I’ll make something out of it rather than burn it.

It had holes in its base that we could get a fist into (on three sides). It was a fine tree and it’s a shame it had to go. So far our plans are to replace it with a damson and something else (a seedling horse chestnut or a magnolia perhaps).

P1040344 (Large)

As the stump won’t regrow, I turned it into a noughts and crosses board. This has been on my wishlist since we moved here.

P1040346 (Large)

K for the win!

We’ve finally got round to arranging work on the roof. The roofers have stripped off the old tiles, felted the roof and laid one row of tiles so far.

P1040081 (Large).JPG

You can see we moved the chickens to the back for a little more shelter though their run is not ideal while the scaffolding is there.

The roofers are salvaging any slates they can for reuse on other jobs and leaving us with a pile of ruined slates and horse hair to use. The horse hair is the original felt;¬†we’re now using it as a mulch in the veg patch. We’ll use the slates as dressing for pots and as hardcore in the drive, amongst other things (maybe we’ll have enough to reroof the garden shed).

P1040082 (Large).JPG

This year we tried a sunflower fort (an enclosure made from sunflowers for the children to play in). It didn’t go very well; the sunflowers were spindly, slugs ate them, and they didn’t flower all at the same time.

In contrast, the sunflower seeds from the bird feeders dropped by the birds flowered beautifully in the gravel next to the house and in the drive. Next year we’ll know better and sow those rather than packets bought specially.

P1020716 (Large)

As well as the sunflowers, the flower border is putting on a fine late summer display and the sweet peas are still great.

P1020718 (Large)