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Autumn 2013 092

The gorgeous Hebridean Sheep from Colt Cottage have finally moved in to our field. We have seven ewe lambs at present with another eight still to come. They are totally gorgeous and seem to have found a nice sheltered spot close to the burn and near the road that passes the house. Here’s a closer look. They are gorgeous lambs with thick black wool and beautiful curled horns. They are also incredibly hardy, barely acknowledging the weekend’s storms. Hopefully they will help batter down the bracken in the field and won’t mind us coming and going with the kids and the strimmer!

Autumn 2013 094


So, we’ve started to see some progress this week. Our lovely plumber came on Monday and Tuesday, partly in preparation for the shower room he’s fitting next month and partly to rid us of the dangerous old lead pipes. He’s also been talking to Dad about the electrical side of the bathroom fitting and they’ve worked some things out. He also pointed out that most of the stuff I’d ordered for the shower room was too big (whoops) but it’s all been sorted out with a phone call and the sink we bought can be used when we fix the main bathroom upstairs. Dad has also finished off the electrics so we now have more plug sockets than you can shake a stick at and he’s disconnected the old heaters. Next step will be getting the stoves put in for heating.

We’ve also started to prepare the ground for our veg patch and this weekend we will see the first livestock on our land. Not ours, I hasten to add, but the lovely Hebridean sheep belonging to Jo and Phil who live down the road in Colt Cottage. Hopefully they’ll help to keep on top of our grass in the field and provide some entertainment for Arthur who will not accept their sheep or not in fact the goats he’s been dreaming of. Jo is planning to move them in in a few days.

I would have illustrated this post with a photo of the giant cauliflower Janet dropped off today but I chopped it up for cauliflower cheese before I had chance. It was yummy!