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At the end of June, we spent a sunny afternoon at the Galloway Children’s Festival in Kirkcudbright. The kids had a ball, trying out circus skills, dressing up, singing and dancing.




I stumbled across a bit of yarn bombing in Kirkcudbright today. I love the way this town seems to delight in throwing little surprises at you around each corner. There’s a lane called Tanpits Close that I often use as a shortcut through town (not that the town is all that big) and as well as coming across this bit of creative knitting, there’s also a house surrounded by bright blue pots filled with colourful flowers and enough animal-themed statuary to amuse Arthur for long enough for me to take a snap.


I’ve also been having fun discovering more shops, both frivolous (great clothes shops like The Wee Wardrobe, The Corner Gallery and Pleat) and useful – like the joiners-come-DIY-suppliers I found on Dee Walk today.

Incey Wincey

This afternoon’s steady drizzle didn’t stop everyone working. A harvest spider had been busy weaving webs between the railings outside Arthur’s nursery. Covered in tiny droplets, they glistened in the waning sun – nature’s lametta garland.