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Final photos from the visit of the cousins. Sensing that Jack would appreciate some time with boys his own age, we spent a couple of hours on Friday with the Goodares.  It appears 8-year-old boys primarily communicate through the medium of football and pay wrestling – who knew? We also got to see how big their lamb has grown and admire their one-day-old chicks.


We’re thinking of buying a few of the next clutch as they include cream legbars which lay the most gorgeous creamy-green eggs. Hopefully we will have built a coop by the time they are ready. Robyn is rearing and selling the chicks to raise funds for a school trip to Morocco and has already successfully reared a brood of five ducklings. These ones are Black Jersey Giants – the largest chickens you can get – and her next batch will include the smallest breed!


House developments this week? Not much. Progress has been slow but steady on the playroom and we now have a window seat, thanks to Dad, and three garden swings – two made of salvaged items, like the tyre and an old log that was being thrown away from a dismantled adventure playground.




New lambs have appeared in the field over the road from the house. We had a family meander to admire them earlier in the week.




Apologies for the speck on the lens. If all of that wasn’t exciting enough, we heard on Thursday that friends of ours down the road had just been handed an orphan lamb by a local farmer to hand-rear. Too much cuteness to be ignored, so today we went along and Arthur helped to give the lamb her lunch.

Feeding time

And once she was full, Kester wanted to give the lamb a pat, although Ellie’s dog Sally decided to help clean up the lamb’s spilled milk from her chin.

pat pat

The weekend’s spring excitement will include my first Mothers’ Day off work since I became a Mum, fun in the spring sun and lots of gardening.