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Cairn Holy I A free, sunny Sunday meant a trip out, so we went to Cairn Holy, a place that’s been on our list for a while. The site is split into two Neolithic burial cairns, each of which is in an area of neat grass enclosed by dykes and a bit of fence. Before we went we looked it up in The ModernĀ  Antiquarian a book which everyone should own. Whenever we have a WWOOFer who expresses an interest in historic sites, we whip it out to astound them with the local prehistory.

Cairn Holy IIOur latest WWOOFer, Mikayla, had arrived the day before so we invited her along for the day. She is from the USA and is keen to see castles and other historic sites, so we took her back to almost the beginning. The weather was lovely up at the cairns and we were too hot at points. The view out to sea was tremendous, almost blinding in the sunlight. It was a good introduction to Galloway for our guest.

After all the excitement, we went to Mossyard for a picnic, as it is close to Cairn Holy. The tide was fully in when we arrived, which left a tiny bit of sand and a lot of rocks. When we left at 3ish we could walk to the first island along a sand bank; the one with the labyrinth was still out of reach.

Mossyard beach

Before A Fall

We took a midwinter stroll at Mossyard Bay last week while aunties and grandparents were visiting. Unfortunately Arthur decided the best start to the New Year would be to fling himself in the Solway Firth so within ten minutes of getting there we had to change him out of the fetching woolly jumper and salopettes outfit featured above and into a hoody and t-shirt taken from Grandpa’s suitcase.


Mossyard is gorgeous though with great sweeps of sand, three islands to explore and a brilliant landscape labyrinth.