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We spent most of the sunny Saturday spring cleaning our shed and garage. I appreciate the following images could well be desperately boring but I do love a nice, tidy shed!

2014-05-31 15.53.50

2014-05-31 15.53.42

With so many gardening guests (both family and WWOOFers) we need to have duplicates of most common tools but also to have tools easy to find and put away again. We reused a bit of plywood left from another project to mount the tools on the wall. Some old cut-down broom handles Matt discovered in the attic have been used to store trowels and hand forks. That project was a bit of a trial run for his plan to make racks for wellington boots in the porch.

Another project completed this week was finishing the shutters for the playroom. Repainting shutters takes ages but having an emptier garage makes it much easier to leave them set up to dry between coats. The finished shutters look great and fit really well. We also cleared out a damp corner in the garage and got a few more boxes in, did more weeding and mulching and sowed some more seeds, including some wildflower seeds in bare patches field.


Much to the kids’ delight we finally unpacked all their toys from the garage this week and moved them into the playroom. We still have a couple of wee jobs to do in here (putting up pictures, reattaching the shutters, covering the window seat and making a play table) but it’s pretty much there and looks really great, especially now it’s full of toys and life. As you can probably tell, Arthur particularly enjoyed posing for the photos!


The cupboard has gobbled up all their reading books with room for more and the painted floor makes the room feel light and bright while still being easy to clean. The walls are in Farrow and Ball’s Dayroom Yellow and the floors are Ecos Organic Paints white floor paint. The best thing about both products is they have no smell. When you are constantly decorating, as we have been, you really appreciate not having to breathe in nasty paint fumes. I really notice it now when we’re using standard paints and varnishes. 

Kester can’t believe there’s all this stuff to play with and is enjoying exploring for himself, We’ve put most of his toys in the chest in the middle of the floor with some more in the bottom layer of the storage unit so they are easy for him to access.


By a happy accident, the white plastic ice-cream tubs they give away at Cream O Galloway for re-use fit the second layer of the storage unit shelves perfectly. So, in exchange for a small donation to red squirrel conservation, we’ve given several tubs a new home and they now store stickle bricks, Barbies (they fit perfectly in the 6L tubs), Barbie clothes, toy cars, Happy Land characters and animal toys. Smaller, squarer open tubs house foam shapes, pipe cleaners, feathers, ribbons, thread and other crafty bits and bobs. Reduce, reuse and recycle.


So, another room almost done. Although the point of having a playroom is that we can close the door on chaos at the end of the day, the way it’s set up makes it really easy for the kids to tidy up after themselves. Even after the excitement of its debut outing and rediscovering every item in the unit, it took less than ten minutes and not much chiding from Mum to get it all tidy again. Fingers crossed it lasts!











A busy week of work on the garden and house. Despite rubbish weather, our WWOOFing family got stuck in to the outdoor jobs. As a result we have now cleared the old compost pile and created all of our 16 vegetable beds with most of them planted up. We also have on completely full wood shed and the other one well on its way. Serge was a whizz with the chainsaw so got through a huge amount of the wood in the field. We also potted up our tomato plants with the girls. We have 19 plants in total, all now in their final pots and ready to grow in the sun room. Hoping for a bumper tomato crop later in the year.

2014-05-05 18.50.48

We’ve also made some more progress indoors. Matt has painted the floor in the playroom and made this very cute dressing up rack from salvaged timber. We’ve also got hold of the first pallet we need for making a potting bench and I made an art display board from more salvaged wood, chalkboard paint and bulldog clips. We’re hoping to get the playroom finished and full of the kid’s toys by the end of the weekend. Woo – another room down.