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The weather has been kind, enabling us to take the opportunity of a full weekend at home to get to work in the garden.

Having dug up a lot of plants from our allotment in the rain last week, our main focus was getting them in the ground at Plunton. During the week, Matt had planted and staked the quince tree on the south west side of the lawn in line with the established apple trees. So we began on Saturday to prepare supports for our cordon apple trees and planted those first of all.
Once they were sunk and staked we decided to plant our rhubarb crowns in front of them, making the most of a deep existing bed in the corner of our protected veg patch. We made quick progress, not least because this area had been actively cultivated relatively recently so the soil was less stony. Finally we mulched everything with a good pile of the great compost we inherited with the house.

There was one impediment to our progress – a self-seeded blackthorn bush close the fence. We have been planning to construct a windbreak to protect our herb garden on the west side of the house, so I took long cuttings of the blackthorn before we dug up the remainder. After trimming each stick of thorns and leaves, I planted them and the main plant in a row about a foot apart on the top of the slope in front of the herb bed, creating a 20ft hedge for nothing.
A pretty good day was ended with a bit of bramble cutting in the field. Jo and Phil came by to help us tackle the worst patches for snaring their lambs and with about an hour’s cutting and gathering we had cleared the worst patches and discovered some wood piles and got to know our neighbours better in the process.
Sunday has been a glorious Autumn day without a cloud in the sky. We planted strawberries at the front of the rhubarb and apple bed and finally planted the spring bulbs Valla had bought as a house warming. Most of the bulbs were planted in the dell nearest the house with some planted on the bank in the front garden. I also planted tulip bulbs in the front border, in the pots and a row of tulips and aliums either side of the path leading to the veg patch gate. Planting in the dells meant an outing for Matt’s new strimmer, once we had assembled it and filled it with fuel.

The final job of the day was to build a frame and net another brassica bed. The kids had great fun playing all weekend and even got their bikes out today but the most fun was had playing on the swing!
It has been really satisfying getting so much done, especially as indoors I feel increasingly like everywhere my eyes land is another item for the to-do list. We also heard on Friday that the person we had booked to start the floor sanding this week is very I’ll and so can no longer do it. We had been waiting for the floors to be done before moving the last of our belongings into the house. We are now considering painting the floors ourselves…

On a final very happy note we had our first showers in the new shower this morning – bliss!



After a fortnight we finally bid farewell to our plumber today. He will be back next month to do our kitchen sink but has left us with a lovely new shower room.

All we have to do is scrim, fill and paint the walls and get our sparky, AKA Dad, to do the spotlights, fan and towel rail and have a think about mirrors and storage.

In the meantime we can use it as of tomorrow afternoon. Turns out the old shower should never have been fitted to a non-mains system which explains part of why it was so awful!

It is a bit tricky to take pictures as the door is taped over but here are a few.




We should have a working downstairs toilet and possibly shower by the end of tomorrow. Yay! The plumber has also finished the tiling except for one bit of grouting. Double yay for him as I think it was driving him round the bend. We also had our scaffolders back today.


A sparkling, frosty morning today got us all off to a good start. I restocked the house with wood and planted the herbs we rescued from our old allotment in the rain this weekend, plus a plant given to us by Fiona.


The herb garden is now growing nicely and we will have to carve out more beds if we want to add more. It is on the west of the house, outside the side door into what will be the kitchen. Thankfully deer and rabbits tend to steer clear of aromatic plants so less pest-proofing was needed!

As tomorrow is November 5th we have invited the neighbours over for a bonfire and are constructing a small pyre in the middle of the lawn. This time of year always puts me in the mood for proper parkin and I can’t have people over and not bake. It struck me as I went through the familiar measurements and process that this was the first time I have made it since my Nana (whose recipe it is) died. I think she would be pleased with the slab of sticky gingerbread sponge that resulted.

Finally, an update on the trades – the scaffolding has begun to go up but had to be halted halfway as longer poles are needed to avoid the electricity wires coming into the house. If the weather holds the scaffold should be up and work start on the chimney stacks this week.

All the tiles are now down and sealed in the shower room ready for grouting tomorrow.


Progress has been made with most of the wall tiling done. It actually looks even nicer than I had hoped. Grout will be light grey but first they need to be sealed.


Fake walls and ceiling are now up – ceiling height is now at the standard level for modern houses. Thankfully the room does not feel much smaller and the lowered ceiling makes the room feel warmer too. The base for the shower tray (recycled plastic) is in and tiling commences today.