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Here is a quick follow-up post to the damson and sloe picking. The damson vodka is such a dark purple it is almost black. A great year for hedgerows. Looking forward to tasting these two.P1020837

This weekend we had visitors from Glasgow, always welcome, especially when they bring a Glasgow curry. The main activity of the weekend was a visit to our neighbours’ orchard to pick their damsons and red apples (later speculation confirmed they are Katy). We then took a walk down the road towards Borgue and picked brambles and sloes as we went. Here are Matt, Iris and Arthur pausing at the bridge looking down the burn into the field.

P1020767 (Large)

This year’s crop of both has been a fine one and the freezer is packed with brambles. We’ve quite a few bramble crumbles to get through before we have room for the pigs after Christmas.

Our guests are keen fruit pickers and allotment holders so we had a fine time in the orchard and hedgerows. The final products in our kitchen was damson jam (slightly toasted, but tasty nonetheless), sloe vodka and damson vodka. We chose vodka instead of gin because we had it in the house, Matt’s hedgerow booze book uses it a lot, and Laura is a bit funny with gin. In keeping with tradition, we keep the second cheapest in the shop for this kind of occasion.

Meanwhile, WWOOFer Lucie has been walking part of the Southern Upland Way. She’s a serious walker and spent the night under the stars (drizzling clouds, cough), when the bothy she planned to stay at was occupied. She didn’t fancy staying the night with five Ayr rowdies, a carrie oot, a dog and a gun. Can’t say I blame her.